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Welcome to Midlife.

This can be an exciting time... not a crisis, not a cliché, but an opportunity to establish what is truly meaningful to you in order to move forward to the next stage of your life... with purpose. 


This time of your life is a rite of passage... and one we must all navigate. Questioning where you are, where you’re heading and what your motivations might be is completely normal... and it is the precursor to tremendous personal growth.


I am excited to help you on this journey. It is a journey within, and in truth, all you really need is to come home to your self. Uncovering your inner wisdom, your true desires, and your innate skillset is the key to realising your profound potential and internal harmony. 


As a qualified life and leadership coach, I draw from ancient philosophies and wisdom, modern science, and multiple world religions to develop a unique perspective on the psyche. I’m thrilled to be able to share what I’ve learnt over the last decade to help fellow seekers on their own journey of self-actualisation.


Khatija is a life and leadership coach, a busy city lawyer, and a spiritual nomad.


On her own 10-year quest for

self-knowledge, Khatija developed an empowering understanding of the psyche that she feels compelled to share. 

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This is a judgement-free space. Which means shame, guilt and self-criticism can be left at the door – these emotions simply get in the way of sorting through how we really feel. I’m here to support you, to hold space for you, to offer you my knowledge and experience.

As a first step, I offer new clients a totally free, no-strings-attached, introductory 30-minute call. This helps both of us decide if we’re comfortable and connected. ...
Free introductory call
30 min
Free Introductory Call

"I would strongly recommend Khatija as a coach, she has helped be a more centred partner, a more calm mother and have a clearer path for the next steps I want to take within my career."



—  Rachel T, City Lawyer, London

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