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From my experience as a coach, I have found that there comes a time when one tends to reassess where one is in life; a time when there is a longing to live a more harmonised and authentic life; a time when one may need to determine which path to follow. 


This can often occur at a time that is defined as "midlife". For some, this time is triggered by an overwhelming nostalgia for lost youth. For others the trigger is a fear of old age or an acknowledgement of our own mortality, or the sense that we have not achieved what we had hoped to.  

At some point or another, this midlife "crisis" as it is called in popular culture, comes for each of us. Rather than define this point in life as a "crisis", I believe it is a time of opportunity. An opportunity to unveil our true selves. An opportunity to remove the metaphorical masks that we put on each day and to unravel what is locked in our subconscious and seek out the unexplored parts of ourselves that time and experience has subdued. Because there is a point in our lives when we become overwhelmed by a feeling of incongruence, between the person the world sees and the person we feel we intrinsically are. We long to say, unashamedly, ‘this is me’ and live as our most authentic self. 

When we judge our lives by status, wealth, work and relationships, we do so as if the beliefs of others should have a bearing on our own. We take these arbitrary metrics and apply them to our own lives, and yet they serve no purpose for evaluating our own deepest, truest selves. As our summer years turn to autumn, it’s not uncommon to question our motivations and to seek a new perspective.

My belief is that the search for the attainment of “meaning” in one’s life can be defined as a journey towards what Abraham Maslow calls “self-actualisation” and through the process of harmonising the conscious and unconscious.

This is a journey within and I believe it is a deeply spiritual journey.


As we work together, you will find that I refer to and draw on the spiritual and philosophical teachings of all the world’s great cultures and religions. From the metaphysical philosophy of Carl Jung, to the Chinese philosophy of Taoism to the religions of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism.

That said, my coaching is not founded in any specific ideology or religion and even with my clients who are non-religious, I find that using these principles can often challenge their preconceptions of themselves and their place in the world and assist them in stepping forward with more certainty and confidence.


I am so excited to be working with you!


about khatija

Khatija is a life and leadership coach, a busy city lawyer, and a spiritual nomad.


On her own 10-year quest for self-knowledge, Khatija developed an empowering understanding of the psyche that she feels compelled to share. She’s passionate about helping her clients to achieve personal growth, find clarity and direction, and to master their own happiness. Khatija is certified in the Neuropsychology of Learning, GROW Model and Timeline Therapy and is also an NLP and Personality Type practitioner. She is currently undertaking an ILM Level 7 certificate in Executive Coaching.  

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