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I feel that I have progressed through my career on autopilot. And when I am honest with myself, that is the same approach I have taken in other aspects if my life, including my relationship with my husband and extended family. Through my sessions with Khatija over the last 6 months, I have rediscovered a lot of my own motivations and desires, which I have subdued for many years, climbing the ladder at work, bringing up young children and navigating the pressures of London life. 

As I have been asked to progress even further up the career ladder I was determined to do so in a way that was more authentic and with a better understanding of my strengths. 

I would strongly recommend Khatija as a coach, she has helped be a more centred partner, a more calm mother and have a clearer path for the next steps I want to take within my career. My husband certainly sees the difference !

Rachel T - City Lawyer, London




A very strong leadership coach. Khatija takes a holistic approach in her coaching. She was recommended to me by a friend who had worked with her as I was looking for help in increasing my confidence in pitching to the senior board of my organisation. I've always been sceptical about coaches and can't stand what I have viewed as the "American used car salesman" style of coaching. I certainly don't deal well with all the cliched terminology of personal growth, but what I found with Khatija is someone with whom I felt truly seen and understood. I value her role in my life and continue to call on her whenever I need a sounding board or am going through a challenging time. 

Christian M - Director, Insurance Industry, Gloucestershire 



Khatija has the ability to see past your own limiting perspective which often is our biggest obstacle. When I couldn't seem to find a way forward while in a huge life change, Khatija knew just what I was feeling and had the ability to help me make sense of it all and the heavy emotions I was feeling. Khatija is intuitive, has life experience, is empathic and compassionate. Many of these traits are not usually found in coaches which makes it very mechanical. Luckily there are coaches like Khatija who give coaching another level of meaning.

Leonora L - Oil and Gas, Rotterdam


I have had only a few sessions with Khatija. But I can trace a lot of the changes (for the good) in my life to the tools that she gave me in those sessions. I have described her style to a friend as a coach who gently takes your hand and waltzes you to a place where you feel you understand yourself better. Its not to say the "waltzing" is pain free. I came to Khatija to discuss work, but found the introspection she helped me do, which I don't think I had ever done before and in fact thought it was selfish to do, led me to leaving a very difficult and toxic marriage. Two years on, my career is flourishing, I have healthy boundaries in my personal relationships and I am closer to my kids than I was before. 

James S - Banking and Finance, London



Khatija has helped me push past some challenging situations at work. Her constant drive and passion are inspiring and it has helped me to know that she is not just a successful coach, but maintains a career in her own right. Her advice comes from real life experience and the challenges she has overcome herself in achieving her own life goals. I would recommend her to anyone who is going through transition in the careers or lives.

Ayesha K - Teacher, London

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